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Building A Strategic Board


During the growth stage of a company’s development, one of the most important “to-do’s” is to build a strong board of directors.  It’s hard to deny that the strength of the board of directors plays a crucial role in the success of the organization.  The board should bring together strong leaders from all walks of life and supplement the management skills your currently possess in-house.

Consider this:

  1. Strong board members are active board members.  They attend meetings, make calls, come to events.
  2. Strong board members are well-connected board members.  They have large personal networks and are willing to reach into those networks on behalf of your organization.
  3. Strong board members are smart board members.  They spend time thinking about the problems your company faces, and are willing to propose (and work towards) solutions.

In December, Disney announced that Square’s founder, Jack Dorsey, has joined the Disney board of directors.  While Disney isn’t operating in the growth stage, it continues to grow.  Disney’s Chairman and CEO Robert Iger said to Forbes, “The perspective he brings to Disney and its Board is extremely valuable, given our strategic priorities, which include utilizing the latest technologies and platforms to reach more people and to enhance the relationship we have with our customers.”