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There’s An App For That: Entrepreneur Ranking


You probably have dozens of apps on your phone that you use everyday for personal use, but how many do you have that you use every day for your business? And why aren’t you using more if they could help improve your startup’s bottom line?

As an entrepreneur, you want to devote all of your talent and energy to growing your business, not spending hours trying to master complex technology that’s supposed to be saving you time. A recent column on VentureBeat listed the Top apps of 2013 for Entrepreneurs that cold help “lighten the load of the business minded and allowed them to focus on what really matters, the creation.”

Below is a selection of the top five. Check out the column by Edward Lakatis, CEO of Zapporoo, to see full app descriptions, and which ones top the list:

1. Evernote Business: Easily share your content with team members

2. Digg: Stay on top of the all the top trending news and latest developments

3. Smartr Contacts: Instantly locate the contact you want across all your accounts

4. Invoice2go: Simplified, powerful mobile invoicing

5. Dropbox: Store and access all your files in the cloud whenever or wherever

What are some apps you’ve learned your startup can’t live without?