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Most Profitable ≠ Most Innovative


Recently, Fast Company released their annual list of most innovative companies.  Google beat both Apple and Twitter as being the most innovative company in 2014.  In the video clip below, from ABC News, Fast Company’s Noah Robischon reveals the most creative companies that are changing the way we live.  He discusses the most profitable, internationally recognized, big brand companies, aren’t necessarily the most innovative.

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However, as Robischon mentions in the video, innovation today isn’t just being left to the startups…the big companies like Nike and Google are definitely feeling the need to innovate — whether by acquiring startups or internal R&D shops.  Fast Company does a great job breaking down the list, by industry.  After all, not all industries innovate at the same rate.

Overall, here are the top five:

1. Google  2.  Bloomberg Philanthropies  3. Xiaomi  4.  Dropbox   5.  Netflix

The complete list can be found here.