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The STEM Opportunities


The chatter is loud that the U.S. needs to step up their game when it comes to educating our children in the fields of science and technology…now termed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).  If the U.S. wants to remain globally competitive, the concerted effort to attract students to studying these field needs to continue.  We’ve written about this here.

Whether or not you believe the semi-alarmists that proclaim the U.S. needs to start pumping out engineers ASAP, one thing is certain, these fields are growing and companies need employees to fill those jobs.

The chart below shows the industry growth projection:

Recently, Forbes listed ten companies with the most STEM job openings right now.  Below is the company list with the number of current STEM job openings:

1.  Microsoft:  1,553

2.  Amazon:  1,493

3.  SAIC:  1,380

4.  Lockheed Martin:  1,350

5.  Apple:  1,171

6.  HP:  1,063

7.  Oracle:  1,052

8.  Northrop Grumman:  1,013

9.  Dell:  967

10.  Intel:  935