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Startup Exit Opportunity


As an investor, working with entrepreneurs to grow companies, typically a goal for the company is to take it public (IPO) or be acquired by a larger company (M&A).  The timing for these exits is constantly being watched by investors and management alike.

Yesterday, the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) released data showing the number of venture-backed companies that went public or were acquired in the second quarter of 2014.  The press release with all the data can be found here.  Here’s a snapshot of the data:

  • 28 venture-backed companies went public (IPO) in 2Q14 and raised $4.9 billion.  This is a 45% increase by dollars raised compared to 1Q14.
  • 97 venture-backed M&A deals were reported for 2Q14, 33 of which had an aggregate deal value of $3.3 billion.  This marks the lowest quarter by disclosed deal value since 1Q13.
  • According to the data, this quarter continues the streak of 20+ venture-backed IPOs for the fifth consecutive quarter.