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It’s All In The Follow-Up


In a recent Huffington Post column, Nancy Michaels explains that most company executives spend incredible amounts of time pre-planning for meetings, give a presentation flawlessly, network like a rock-star, but then forget the most important step — the follow-up.  We’ve written about this here.

She provides a few simple tips that allow you to complete the final phase of follow-up.  They include:

  1. Write notes on the back of business cards you collect to jog your memory about what you need to send or get back to this person on.
  2. Hire a virtual assistant versed in your CRM program if you don’t have the staff to do so.  Making notes about the person or action items the relationship requires is important.
  3. Deliver on what you promised.
  4. Continue to keep in touch in meaningful ways — regardless of whether or not you get an immediate response from them — it’s important to stay engaged.  The best networkers become a resource to their network.

We agree with Nancy.  The networking, conference speaking and trade show encounters are worthless if the follow-up isn’t executed.