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Startup Hire Traits


In the short video below, Mark Newman, founder of HireVue, explains three important questions or topics to discuss with prospective hires when building a startup team.


  1. How do you deal with ambiguity?  What are you going to do when you’re faced with a challenge you’ve not encountered before?  We agree, this is important.  At a startup, there’s a problem around every corner.  A strong startup team consists of people who don’t freak-out when faced with a challenge and can think through a solution.
  2. When did you get your first job?  Agree!  One skill we believe you can’t teach is working hard.  If the applicant got his/her first job at the age of 13, their work experience (no matter what work they were doing) is greater than someone who got their first job at the age of 25.  Work history is very telling.
  3. What would you be doing to wake up each day, being psyched to do?  Starting and building a company is incredibly hard.  Apathy and lack of enthusiasm will spread within a team and kill a startup.  You don’t want people who breed negativity to be on your team.

Tell us, what are important traits you look for when hiring for your startup?