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Top CEOs


The November issue of Harvard Business Review published a ranking of the best performing CEOs in the world.  The ranking is based on a scientific approach — crunching the available data not on reputation or anecdote. The ranking’s methodology focused on data points such as the increase in total shareholder return and market capitalization.

The top ten performing CEOs are listed below.  The complete list of 100 CEOs can be found here.


Below are a few data points collected and compiled by HBR:

  • The top 50 CEOs, on average, have delivered total shareholder returns of 1,350% (adjusted for exchange-rate movements) during their time on the job — translating into an annual return of 26.2%.
  • Twenty-four of HBR’s 100 best-performing CEOs have undergraduate or graduate degrees in engineering, compared with 29 who have MBAs.
  • The median pay for U.S. CEOs on HBR’s list is $12.1 million, compared with $6.4 million for non-U.S. CEOs