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The New Success


In the late ’90s, Steven Covey published the best seller, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.”  The book detailed seven principles of life management.  Times have changed and new skills are required to get ahead in such a dynamic and disruptive business environment.  In a recent FastCompany post, Scott Steinberg lists seven new habits of highly successful people.  They include:

  1. Become irreplaceable: The more unique and value-adding your abilities, the more difficult it becomes to substitute others in your place.
  2. Constantly grow & improve: Throughout your career, you must make continued education and professional development a priority.
  3. Create your own opportunities:  Don’t wait for opportunities, seek them out.
  4. Achieve more:  Successful innovators don’t shy away from difficult tasks.
  5. Reinvent yourself: Never stop learning and keeping up with the latest technology or strategies in your field.
  6. Go above & beyond: Continue to build your work portfolio
  7. Take more risks:  Steinberg suggests recognizing that change is inevitably coming, you should make smart, calculated, and cost-affordable business or career bets that propel you closer to achieving your goals.