How It Works
The Polus Capital Process


Our unique financing instrument allows us to satisfy the needs of companies in the $5M-$15M segment. We call it Entrepreneur-friendly Capital.

The process is very straightforward.  If Polus and your company are a fit, our national bank partner issues you the capital as a long-term loan with below-market interest rates and principal amortization terms.   The bank is able to do this because Polus collateralizes the loan on behalf of your company, essentially eliminating risk for the bank.  In return for this support, your company commits a small percentage of gross revenue to Polus, aligning interests around your growth.

Up or down, we are taking the ride together.  For an example company situation appropriate for Entreprener-friendly Capital, click here.

Benefits of Entrepreneur-friendly Capital:

Variable Amounts: $1M-5M
Long Repayment Term: 10 years
No Personal Guarantees
No Onerous Covenants

Flexible payments
Payments treated as expense
Minimal equity dilution
No governance interference

Want to know more?

Now that we have introduced you to how Polus financing works, you likely have more questions.  Check out our FAQ page or tell us how to reach you.  We can have an initial conversation to discuss whether Entrepreneur-friendly Capital is right for you.  We can also provide a cost-of-capital calculator so you can compare our option with venture capital, private equity, or private debt.

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Ready to get started?

If you like what you see, take our Fit Analysis to help us determine if Entrepreneur-friendly Capital is appropriate for your business.  The Fit Analysis comes with a mutual NDA, so everything we discuss will be confidential.  If it looks like we may be good for each other, we can start a process.  If not, we can likely refer you to some other capital sources that might be more appropriate.

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