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Below we ask for some confidential but non-specific information to help us learn about your business.  You can review and agree to a mutual non-disclosure agreement at the bottom (it is not long and painful like iTunes updates).  The agreement is legally binding on us so we are under the cone of silence with all your information after that.

Dear Polus,

Hi. My name is and I'd like to see if my company, , is a fit for Polus Capital. I'm agreeing to the NDA below so I know this will remain confidential.

My company provides to . You can find my company online at , and here's some basic information on my business:

Last Year's Revenue:
Last Year's EBITDA Margin:
Growth over last few years (CAGR):

We are seeking: in capital.

After reading your website it seems like we may be a fit. I'd like to learn more, so please email me at or call me at .

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