Oldies but goodies.

Tech’s Most Wanted: Data Scientists

What’s a data scientist and why are they in such high demand today?  The Wall Street Journal’s Clint Boulton explains, “Chief information officers are struggling to find data scientists, those individuals with engineering and business skills, as well at the statistical savviness required to analyze and derive value from Big’s Most Wanted: Data Scientistsdatascientistcover_1

Big Data Growth

Recently, Entrepreneur Magazine published an infographic, showing the current state of the big data industry and where it’s headed.  According to recent market data, big data analytics will be a $220 billion dollar industry by 2015.  We’ve written about the ROI when collecting large amounts of data here. They share Data Growthbigdatacover_1

If Big Data ≠ ROI, Why Bother?

They collect it, they make business decisions based on it, and some even sell it.  What’s that?  Yep, big data.  If you’re company isn’t collecting data about those who interact with your company — visits your website, is a customer or might be one in the future — you’re wasting Big Data ≠ ROI, Why Bother?BigDataimage_1