Oldies but goodies.

Strategy First

In the startup world the pace to innovate, create, and scale is frenetic — with little time left for looking at the big picture and develop a long term strategy or vision for the organization.  However, having a strategy without a plan to execute on it, is worthless.  According to Firststrategy_1

Does Your Business Plan Have What It Takes?

As investors, we review hundreds of business plans every year and are frequently asked what makes a good one — one enticing enough for an investor to take a closer look and possibly invest.  The short answer is “it depends on the business”, but the simplest and most important is Your Business Plan Have What It Takes?bizplan2.0

Entrepreneur Traits: The recipe for success

Can an entrepreneur be molded, created or taught?  Are the most successful just born to ride the startup wave?  We believe it is a little bit of both.  Perfecting business models and building a strong management team can be taught, but the “fire in the belly” mentality is much more Traits: The recipe for successingredients_1

Fail Fast

If it’s one thing I tell all early stage company founders that Polus encounters it is — it is ok to fail, but just fail fast.  There are many reasons why a company fails, but quickly determining if you have a good product and a large market for that product Fastfailure_1