Oldies but goodies.

Failure Warning Signs

As an entrepreneur, you should constantly look for ways to improve your company, your employees, the daily operations, and each operating division.  Take off the blinders and heed the warning signs things are going south.  Most entrepreneurs are too wrapped up in the daily grind to pay attention — this Warning Signswarning_1

The Rise of the Seed Orphan

Also known as the “Series A Crunch”, the seed orphan is a label in the startup community that refers to companies that raised seed or angel capital, but have yet to raise a series A round of financing.  The number is pretty large — according to CB Insights there are Rise of the Seed Orphancrunch_1

Capital Draw: Where VCs Are Investing

As investors, we track trends in the market to understand which geographies are attracting the attention of investors and raising capital.  On Monday, we shared aggregate venture capital investment data, broken down by quarter — showing that venture capitalists invested $13.88 billion in 974 deals in 2Q 2014. The chart Draw: Where VCs Are Investingcapital_1

Venture Capital Investment Climbs in 2Q

Last week, CB Insights released their quarterly report detailing venture capital investment in the second quarter of 2014.  VCs have been busy.  CB Insights reports: Venture capitalists invested $13.88 billion in 974 deals in 2Q 2014; In the first six months of 2014, U.S. VC funding climbed to $23.87B, a Capital Investment Climbs in 2Qq2cover_1

Startup Challenges

Recently, The Wall Street Journal published an infographic based on the results of a survey conducted by Sage Software, speaking with over one thousand small business owners in the United States — split evenly between startups and established businesses.  The survey results found that more than half of the owners Challengeschallenges_1

Geographic Cost

Recently, CNBC compiled a ranking for the top states for business.  CNBC scored all 50 states on 56 measures of competitiveness, developed using input from business groups, economic development experts, companies and the states themselves. States receive points based on their rankings in each metric. Below are the top 12 Costcapital cost_1