Oldies but goodies.

The Entrepreneurial Gender Divide

It’s been written about and discussed over and over — there are not enough women in business.  Most of the recent focus has to do with the lack of women in technology companies and in corporate America.  We have some new data that paints a somewhat different picture, globally.  French Entrepreneurial Gender Dividegender_1

Entrepreneurship: The Four P’s

The jury’s still out whether entrepreneurship can be taught or if it exists in a select few folks’ DNA.  We’ve written about that here and here.  Regardless, small business in the United States continues to be a driving force of growth in the current economy.  Marketing is certainly a course The Four P’sentrepreneurshipimage_1

Entrepreneurship: It’s More Than Just Luck

Recently, Aileron, the non-profit organization helping small businesses grow compiled a list of eight skills every entrepreneur must have to be successful. Resiliency. The ability to weather the ups and downs of any business since it never goes exactly the way you plan. Focus. After setting a long term vision, It’s More Than Just Luckluck_1

Tech Startups Stalling Out

The media loves to talk about fast-growing high-tech startups as a panacea for the economy. But according to recent analysis of Census data, it appears that these young firms are suffering from the same affliction as what’s been ailing mature firm, as well. A new report released last month by Startups Stalling Outstalling_1

Entrepreneurship 101

Over the past decade, higher education has embraced the entrepreneur — offering courses to prepare students to blaze the innovation trail and eventually start their own business.  We’ve written about this here and here.  Teaching entrepreneurship can be done, but many successful entrepreneurs aren’t necessarily those with an advanced understanding 101entrep_1