Oldies but goodies.

State of Small Biz — Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

Inc. surveyed past Inc. 5000 winners about a range of business, political, and cultural issues. Some of the survey results, we share below, might surprise you. When reviewing the results, keep in mind, most entrepreneurs are optimistic by nature — after all they navigate a long, hard road in building of Small Biz — Straight From The Horse’s Mouthsmallbiz_1

The Tech Founder Fountain of Youth

It has been debated numerous times, do young, tech entrepreneurs have a better chance of being successful?  Are the companies they start or the technologies they develop only successful with a young founder?  Walter Frick of the Harvard Business Review compiled some interesting data from various sources.  He concluded that Tech Founder Fountain of YouthkidCEO_1

The Small Business Sell-Off?

Here’s a possible entrepreneurial conundrum: If a business owner sees potential for growth, why would she sell? And if she doesn’t see any, why would a potential buyer purchase the business from her? It’s not just an academic question. Thousands of business owners struggle with finding the answer ever year. Small Business Sell-Off?ForSale_1

The Founder Turned CEO Challenge

I have many “deja vu” moments when working with startups.  As an investor I rub my forehead a lot dealing with founder transitions, fundraising, strategic pivots, etc.  In those moments I have flashbacks to wrestling those same problems from the other side as the founder/CEO of an investor-backed startup. The Founder Turned CEO Challengefounder-and-ceo

The Founder/CEO Side-step

There comes a time in a company’s evolution when the Founder & CEO needs to step aside.  It’s a hard thing for many founders to do–hand over the keys or entrust his “baby” to someone else–but it’s a necessary step in the scaling process. Recently, Dustin Snell of software giant Founder/CEO Side-stepPC_blogimage_ceosidestep_featured25