Oldies but goodies.

Surround Yourself With People Smarter Than You

Many entrepreneurs learn this soon after they start their business — leave your ego at the door and hire people smarter than yourself.  After all, once a company is created it should be about the company’s success and not the glory of the individuals. We see this quite often in Yourself With People Smarter Than Yousmartpeople_1

Attitude Versus Resume

As an investor I meet lots of bootstrapped companies.  Most face the same hiring dilemma as their core team expands – they need in-the-trench do-ers who fit the culture and can eventually be managers, maybe even strategists.  This challenge reminds me of a lesson from early in my career:  “Look Versus Resumelincoln

How Can A Small Biz Attract Top Talent?

Most engineers and software developers who graduate, dream of working established, high profile companies like Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn.  How do you attract the Stanford engineer to join your software company in Des Moines, Iowa?  How can a small business compete for top talent? The Wall Street Journal outlines a Can A Small Biz Attract Top Talent?Talent4_1