Oldies but goodies.

Q3 VC Investment: Down, But Still Up

Third quarter has wrapped and while the volume of deals and the dollar amount invested in U.S.-based startups has fallen, according the CB Insights, Q3 marked the third consecutive quarter when VC funding exceeded $9 billion.  The report showed that in Q3, venture firms invested nearly $9.8 billion in 879 VC Investment: Down, But Still UpVCinvestmentQ3_1

Metro Tech

in the first nine months of 2014, venture capitalists invested over $24 billion into tech startups across the U.S.  About half of that amount was invested in companies based in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.  Based on data from Thomson Reuters, below is a ranking of metros, showing where the Techcityscape_1

Investors Find Innovation

Recently, Inc. published the Inc. 5000, a ranking of the fastest-growing, privately-held companies.  Not only do they list the top performers each year, they also slice the data to shows which industries are growing and where those companies are located. Below is the breakdown of where the top 5000 companies Find Innovationgrowth_1

Cash Is King

When starting a company, cash is typically very tight — corners are cut and dollars are squeezed to get more for less.  The ability for an entrepreneur to manage cash flow is a major factor for success. Recently, Kelsey Ramsden, serial entrepreneur listed ten ways to keep your company’s cash Is KingCashIsKing_1

The Rise of the Seed Orphan

Also known as the “Series A Crunch”, the seed orphan is a label in the startup community that refers to companies that raised seed or angel capital, but have yet to raise a series A round of financing.  The number is pretty large — according to CB Insights there are Rise of the Seed Orphancrunch_1

Businesses To Help Businesses Work Better

Yep, that’s right — the companies attracting investment capital are technology companies that help businesses be more efficient.  It seems as though the shine has worn off the new, hip, consumer internet startup and capital is shifting to enterprise technology companies.  This isn’t exactly a new investment strategy — companies To Help Businesses Work Betterenterprise cover image_1