Oldies but goodies.

Corporate Investing

Earlier this week, the NVCA release venture investment by corporate venture funds.  According to the report, corporate venture groups invested $5.4 billion in 775 deals to U.S.-based companies in 2014. Additional data released shows: Corporate venture accounted for 11.0% of all venture dollars invested and 17.8% of all venture deals Investingcorporate_1

Seed Is The New Series A Round

The startup investment pool has gotten wider — more investor types, specifically angel investors, have joined the ecosystem.  Angel investors who are investing significant capital into startups have pushed the Series A fundraise further into the future. Looking at the data collected by CB Insights, the graph below illustrates, there Is The New Series A Roundangelinvestor_1

Don’t Throw The Competition Under The Bus

Much of what an entrepreneur presents when speaking about their company to potential investors is defining market in which they operate — which, of course, leads to identifying the competition.  As we wrote here and here, articulating the market size allows for investors to understand the growth potential of the’t Throw The Competition Under The Busbus_1

The Unicorn Investor

Over the past year, startups who exit for $1 billion have been termed “unicorns”.  And, according to data compiled by CB Insights, the data on VC exits whos that there are, in fact, very few unicorn VCs.  We’ve written about the unicorn dynamic here.  Reading through the data, it shows Unicorn Investorinvest_1

Does Your Business Plan Have What It Takes?

As investors, we review hundreds of business plans every year and are frequently asked what makes a good one — one enticing enough for an investor to take a closer look and possibly invest.  The short answer is “it depends on the business”, but the simplest and most important is Your Business Plan Have What It Takes?bizplan2.0