Oldies but goodies.

Open IPO Window

Yesterday, the NVCA and Thomson Reuters released data showing the number of venture-backed companies going public in 2014 posted the best full year for new listings since 2000.  While an IPO exit is typically the most lucrative for investors, a strategic acquisition (M&A) can result in a very positive outcome IPO WindowIPOwindow_1

Teaching Tech: Closing The Skills Gap

Last week, Techonomy held their annual conference in Detroit to discuss the current state of innovation in the United States.  Panels were organized to discuss best practices for cities trying to attract startups to their area — and keep them there.  Another topic discussed at Techonomy is how the U.S. Tech: Closing The Skills GapcodingImage_1

Big Data Growth

Recently, Entrepreneur Magazine published an infographic, showing the current state of the big data industry and where it’s headed.  According to recent market data, big data analytics will be a $220 billion dollar industry by 2015.  We’ve written about the ROI when collecting large amounts of data here. They share Data Growthbigdatacover_1

Know Your CFO

The role of the CFO has changed over the years.  The CFO is no longer only the company’s accountant and business manager.  We’ve written about this change here.  The role is evolving to include making more strategic operations decisions — acting as the co-COO with financial understanding.  The CFO is Your CFOfinance_1

What’s The Role of IT in Your Biz?

Over the past few years, the successful CIO’s profile has changed profoundly.  Gone are the days of the CIO operating in a silo.  Knowledge of either technology or the business is insufficient. Today’s technology leader must bridge the divide between marketing reach with mobile applications or between market analysis with’s The Role of IT in Your Biz?ITimage_1