Oldies but goodies.

Hire Right

Most companies are always hiring…looking for the perfect employee fit for a specific job.  Hiring for your company is one of the most difficult tasks for a small or growth size business — most can’t afford those employees with decades of experience or training. However, most startups can’t afford to Righthire_1

Tech Startups Stalling Out

The media loves to talk about fast-growing high-tech startups as a panacea for the economy. But according to recent analysis of Census data, it appears that these young firms are suffering from the same affliction as what’s been ailing mature firm, as well. A new report released last month by Startups Stalling Outstalling_1

Finding Talent That’s ‘Just Right’

Growing your company requires knowing when you need to acquire new talent, and part of acquiring that talent often means knowing your own limitations in that process. There are probably several areas of business in which you might not give a second thought to contracting outside the firm to hire Talent That’s ‘Just Right’finding talent_1

Growth Stage Hiring Challenges

Hiring at a growth stage company is a difficult thing to do — many of the jobs looking to be filled have never existed at the company.  Since the types of people who make startups successful are often not the types that make sense for a more mature business (and Stage Hiring Challengesjob_1

A Stressed Office Isn’t A Productive Office

As the founder of a startup, a sense of invincibility can be an asset, but sometimes that never-quit ethos can end up working against you and your new-business. Yes, even Superman occasionally needs to retreat to his Fortress of Solitude for some rest and reflection. We all need to beware Stressed Office Isn’t A Productive Officeofficestress_1