Oldies but goodies.

Top CEOs

The November issue of Harvard Business Review published a ranking of the best performing CEOs in the world.  The ranking is based on a scientific approach — crunching the available data not on reputation or anecdote. The ranking’s methodology focused on data points such as the increase in total shareholder CEOsCEOcover_1

Building a Mega-Board

When growing a business, one of the most valuable assets a CEO should build and leverage is a strong board of directors.  In a recent article on ReadWrite, Scott Gerber, founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council, aggregated 12 tips entrepreneurs believe are most important when creating a startups’ board of a Mega-Boardboard image_1

Know When To Listen

If you’ve ever been to a startup conference or pitchfest, you’ve seen it — the ultra-aggressive, non-stop talker, know-it-all entrepreneur.  This Type A personality wants to constantly convince anyone who’ll listen that his product is superior, the market opportunity is endless, and his company is going to break into profitability When To Listenlisten_1

Does Your Business Plan Have What It Takes?

As investors, we review hundreds of business plans every year and are frequently asked what makes a good one — one enticing enough for an investor to take a closer look and possibly invest.  The short answer is “it depends on the business”, but the simplest and most important is Your Business Plan Have What It Takes?bizplan2.0

Play the game you know you can win

It’s a competitive world out there.  No one knows this more than an entrepreneur — someone who’s broken away from the pack and started a business. As we’ve written before, the “fail-fast” school of thought is well-respected in the investor community.  Whether failure is determined quickly or not for many the game you know you can winplanning_1

Recognize Your Limitations When Growing Your Biz

In the video below, Hemant Shah, CEO of RMS, speaks to a group at Stanford.  As an entrepreneur, he explains one of the hardest lessons he learned was the recognition of one’s own limitations, by having the humility and the self-awareness to not stand in the way of what’s needed to Your Limitations When Growing Your Bizlimits_1