Oldies but goodies.

Don’t Throw The Competition Under The Bus

Much of what an entrepreneur presents when speaking about their company to potential investors is defining market in which they operate — which, of course, leads to identifying the competition.  As we wrote here and here, articulating the market size allows for investors to understand the growth potential of the’t Throw The Competition Under The Busbus_1

What’s Your Market Share?

There are many factors an investor evaluates when deciding whether or not to invest capital into a company.  Little or no growth potential is typically a deal breaker for any investor.  Questions like the following are asked: Does your company operate in a large enough market to scale the business?’s Your Market Share?marketshare_1

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Are digital distribution tools leveling the playing field for smaller, niche content producers, or does it seem to be still quite tilted, if not more acutely so, in favor of the wealthy, blockbuster producers of content? Robert Frank, economics professor at the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, I Win, Tails You Losewinner_1