Oldies but goodies.

Getting That Competitive Edge

As an entrepreneur, you hear it all the time — differentiate your company from the competition and you’ll succeed.  As an investor, the “me too” companies are a more risky investment — the market leader is the one to invest in. However, ranking #1 or 2 in a category that That Competitive Edgecompetition_1

The Value of Data in Marketing

Thanks to a new generation of marketing analytics tools, today’s chief marketing officer has the ability to measure the impact of marketing programs, demonstrate a clear and compelling marketing ROI, and ultimately build respect in the executive suite.  We’ve written about the rising role of the CMO here. Marketing analytics Value of Data in Marketingmktingimage_1

Startup Challenges

Recently, The Wall Street Journal published an infographic based on the results of a survey conducted by Sage Software, speaking with over one thousand small business owners in the United States — split evenly between startups and established businesses.  The survey results found that more than half of the owners Challengeschallenges_1

Color Impact: How color influences brand

Choosing the right colors for your company’s brand can help in determining the audience, and with some colors, building trust in the product or service. According to Jeremy Smith’s recent article in KISSmetrics, the art of color psychology plays an important part in choosing just what drives individuals to the Impact: How color influences brandcolor_1

One Of The Toughest Hires

In the startup world, one of the most challenging positions to fill is the sales manager.  As the founder, you want this person to have the same philosophy and strategy in the marketplace.  After all your sales team is the face of the company — the ones with the most Of The Toughest Hiressales_1

Marketing Earns A Seat At The Table

In last Friday’s post, we highlighted four marketing metrics HubSpot suggests every company start tracking.  Clearly, marketing is becoming more and more important in a crowded marketplace — the ability to differentiate and promote the company to drive sales.  Given this rising importance, the chief marketing officer has earned a Earns A Seat At The TableCMOfinal_1