Oldies but goodies.

Longer Workdays Don’t Guarantee Productivity

We’ve all done it…clocked hours on nights and weekends in hopes to accomplish more.  Are employees who burn the midnight oil more productive?  Recently PGi released a ranking comparing the number of hours employees clock annually, against GDP per hour worked, as an attempt to calculate global productivity.  The breakdown Workdays Don’t Guarantee Productivityproductivitycoverimage_1

Do Less To Be More Productive

Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers does more by doing less.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The CEO of this international brand, that recently launched a streaming music service, explains in the video below the less he actually does, the more productive his team is. Acting as more maestro than micro-manager, Less To Be More Productiveproductivityfinal_1

There’s An App For That: Entrepreneur Ranking

You probably have dozens of apps on your phone that you use everyday for personal use, but how many do you have that you use every day for your business? And why aren’t you using more if they could help improve your startup’s bottom line? As an entrepreneur, you want’s An App For That: Entrepreneur Rankingapppix_2