Oldies but goodies.

Innovation’s Funding Crunch

On Tuesday, in a U.S. Senate appropriations hearing, Francis S. Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, reviewed the results of a survey of 11,000 researchers at the National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundations.   The survey found that 75 percent of these researchers reduced their recruiting of’s Funding Crunchinnovation cover_1

Corporates Step In Where Government R&D Stops

Tech-transfer programs, the collaboration between university and industry to spin-out innovations developed in education research labs, has historically been a win-win for all involved — the university, the innovator and enterprise.  In the past, governments were a critical piece to this puzzle — providing the capital as an objective party, Step In Where Government R&D Stopsresearch2.0

Most Profitable ≠ Most Innovative

Recently, Fast Company released their annual list of most innovative companies.  Google beat both Apple and Twitter as being the most innovative company in 2014.  In the video clip below, from ABC News, Fast Company’s Noah Robischon reveals the most creative companies that are changing the way we live.  He Profitable ≠ Most Innovativelightbulb2.0