Oldies but goodies.

Founder Compensation

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal’s Accelerator’s column focused on the topic of executive compensation.  This is a hot topic in the startup world, especially when investors are involved. Christina Bechhold, co-founder of Empire Angels, has some great advice — talk about it.  Those founders who are transparent about Compensationsalary_1

Startup Salary: Show Me The Money

Last month, Startup Compass shared the results of a survey, helping to answer one of the hardest questions a growth company faces, “What determines founder salary levels?”  There isn’t a set formula, but there are many online benchmarking resources ( and Payscale) that allow entrepreneurs to compare and justify the Salary: Show Me The Moneysalary_image_1

Compensation Confession

Recently, Buffer, a San Francisco-based startup published the salary of all its employees online.  Why?  The company’s CEO Joel Gascoigne explains by creating a transparent formula and paying above market rate, he hopes to promote long-term commitment from employees. Setting a competitive compensation structure at a growth company requires careful Confessioncompensation_1