Oldies but goodies.

Compete Differently

Every company, whether it be a startup or an established, money-making machine, needs to look at competition differently — not necessarily differently from one another, but from different angles, and often. In a recent article by Paul Brown published in Inc, he reviews the conventional wisdom of business as follows: Differentlycompetitoranalysis_1

The Value of Data in Marketing

Thanks to a new generation of marketing analytics tools, today’s chief marketing officer has the ability to measure the impact of marketing programs, demonstrate a clear and compelling marketing ROI, and ultimately build respect in the executive suite.  We’ve written about the rising role of the CMO here. Marketing analytics Value of Data in Marketingmktingimage_1

What’s Your Market Share?

There are many factors an investor evaluates when deciding whether or not to invest capital into a company.  Little or no growth potential is typically a deal breaker for any investor.  Questions like the following are asked: Does your company operate in a large enough market to scale the business?’s Your Market Share?marketshare_1

The Art of the Follow-Up

For most companies in the expansion stage of development, a strong sales team is a-must.  Currently, in a very competitive marketplace, closing a sale is a process and not typically an immediate transaction.  According to the National Sales Executive Association, 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth Art of the Follow-Upclosesale_1

One Of The Toughest Hires

In the startup world, one of the most challenging positions to fill is the sales manager.  As the founder, you want this person to have the same philosophy and strategy in the marketplace.  After all your sales team is the face of the company — the ones with the most Of The Toughest Hiressales_1

Market Once; Measure Twice

The job of the Chief Marketing Officer is becoming more quantifiable due to the advancements in online marketing measurement tools.  The ability to track and constantly measure all marketing efforts, allows CMOs to better justify the company’s marketing spend.  But are you measuring the right things? We take a page Once; Measure Twicemeasurement2.0