Oldies but goodies.

Scaling Priorities

In the video below, Todd Simon, vice president of Omaha Steaks, explains two important things to focus on while your company scales: 1.  Understanding the lifetime value of the customer — how much are you willing to invest to get a customer?  To scale your business effectively, you must understand Prioritiesacquisition_1

Software’s Speedy Growth

Earlier this week, we wrote about the the average growth rate for those companies ranked on this year’s Deloitte’s 2014 Technology Fast 500 list.  Now we’ll take a look at companies in which industries are seeing the fastest growth. No surprise, the industry seeing the fastest growth is software. Compared’s Speedy Growthsoftware_1

Growth Average

Earlier this week, Deloitte released the Technology Fast 500, ranking the fastest growing companies — large, small, public and private – spanning a variety of industry sectors, and are leaders in hardware, software, telecom, semiconductors, life sciences and clean technology.  The top company, MobileIron, had revenue growth of 123,678% during Averagegrowth_1

What’s Your Market Share?

There are many factors an investor evaluates when deciding whether or not to invest capital into a company.  Little or no growth potential is typically a deal breaker for any investor.  Questions like the following are asked: Does your company operate in a large enough market to scale the business?’s Your Market Share?marketshare_1

Geographic Cost

Recently, CNBC compiled a ranking for the top states for business.  CNBC scored all 50 states on 56 measures of competitiveness, developed using input from business groups, economic development experts, companies and the states themselves. States receive points based on their rankings in each metric. Below are the top 12 Costcapital cost_1

Steady Scaling

A topic that weighs on the mind of every entrepreneur out there is how to grow — grow without putting too much stress on your current business.  The main challenge is doing this all while increasing sales and growing bottom lines profits.  Below are three strategies, recommended by business management Scalingscaling_1