Oldies but goodies.

State of Small Biz — Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

Inc. surveyed past Inc. 5000 winners about a range of business, political, and cultural issues. Some of the survey results, we share below, might surprise you. When reviewing the results, keep in mind, most entrepreneurs are optimistic by nature — after all they navigate a long, hard road in building of Small Biz — Straight From The Horse’s Mouthsmallbiz_1

The Happy Small Business

Every quarter Wells Fargo measures the sentiment of small business owners.  This quarter’s data shows small business optimism is generally improving, while small companies added jobs in a wide variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and business services. Here’s what the index, comprised of 600 small businesses, reported for the Happy Small Businesssmallbizimage_1

Startup Challenges

Recently, The Wall Street Journal published an infographic based on the results of a survey conducted by Sage Software, speaking with over one thousand small business owners in the United States — split evenly between startups and established businesses.  The survey results found that more than half of the owners Challengeschallenges_1

Quitting The Nine-to-Five For The 24/7

It’s always been portrayed as “the American dream” to quit your go-nowhere-office-gig to fly solo and start your own company.  It may seem glamorous, but it is hard work and very few succeed at levels imagined. In this recent article, posted on Mashable, James Green shares a few things you The Nine-to-Five For The 24/7success_1

The Small Business Sell-Off?

Here’s a possible entrepreneurial conundrum: If a business owner sees potential for growth, why would she sell? And if she doesn’t see any, why would a potential buyer purchase the business from her? It’s not just an academic question. Thousands of business owners struggle with finding the answer ever year. Small Business Sell-Off?ForSale_1

Big Impact on Small Business

As the U.S. encounters macro-economic shifts, the impact on small business revenue and growth can be immediate and take a significant amount of time to recover.  Private companies drive nearly 50% of private non-farm GDP and 65% of new job creation in the United States. Last month, Sageworks, a financial Impact on Small Businessrevenue_1