Oldies but goodies.

Corporate Investing

Earlier this week, the NVCA release venture investment by corporate venture funds.  According to the report, corporate venture groups invested $5.4 billion in 775 deals to U.S.-based companies in 2014. Additional data released shows: Corporate venture accounted for 11.0% of all venture dollars invested and 17.8% of all venture deals Investingcorporate_1

Open IPO Window

Yesterday, the NVCA and Thomson Reuters released data showing the number of venture-backed companies going public in 2014 posted the best full year for new listings since 2000.  While an IPO exit is typically the most lucrative for investors, a strategic acquisition (M&A) can result in a very positive outcome IPO WindowIPOwindow_1

Business Resolutions

It’s January, the time of year when many personal resolutions are made.  It’s also the time of year when companies should hit the reset button and take a look at the way the company is operating. In a recent Inc. column, John Boitnott explains three things your business should stop Resolutionsresolution_1

Failure Warning Signs

As an entrepreneur, you should constantly look for ways to improve your company, your employees, the daily operations, and each operating division.  Take off the blinders and heed the warning signs things are going south.  Most entrepreneurs are too wrapped up in the daily grind to pay attention — this Warning Signswarning_1

Customer Vanishing Act

In a recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine, digital media consultant and investor John Boitnott provides four reasons why customers vanish without a word.  Boitnott explains, “While there’s no one-size-fits-all model to customer dissatisfaction, there are some common issues that send customers scrambling.”  He suggests these four being the most common Vanishing Actcustomerservice_1

The New Success

In the late ’90s, Steven Covey published the best seller, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.”  The book detailed seven principles of life management.  Times have changed and new skills are required to get ahead in such a dynamic and disruptive business environment.  In a recent FastCompany post, Scott Steinberg New Successsuccess_1