Oldies but goodies.

2014: Year of the Mega-Deal

As 2014 wraps, CB Insights takes a look at the 25 largest tech deals that raised $9.25 billion.  Not only was 2014 the year of the mega-deal, it also marked the year that mutual funds and hedge funds made significant investments in private, emerging technology companies. How do these investment Year of the Mega-DealVC_1

Early Stage Stays Strong

Last week, CB Insights released data showing investment in early stage technology companies (angel & series A rounds) reached their highest monthly total in two years at $1.25B.  Here are the high-level report findings: Capital invested in early stage tech companies in October 2014 increased by 56% over the same Stage Stays Strongseedinvestor_1

Seed Is The New Series A Round

The startup investment pool has gotten wider — more investor types, specifically angel investors, have joined the ecosystem.  Angel investors who are investing significant capital into startups have pushed the Series A fundraise further into the future. Looking at the data collected by CB Insights, the graph below illustrates, there Is The New Series A Roundangelinvestor_1

Metro Tech

in the first nine months of 2014, venture capitalists invested over $24 billion into tech startups across the U.S.  About half of that amount was invested in companies based in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.  Based on data from Thomson Reuters, below is a ranking of metros, showing where the Techcityscape_1

Who Are The Top Tech Acquirers?

So far this year, 2014 has been the year of the tech startup acquisition — with WhatsApp, Nest and Oculus alone being acquired for more than $24B in aggregate exit value.  Who are the top tech companies innovating via acquisition?  CB Insights published a ranking of the top acquirers, by Are The Top Tech Acquirers?M&A_1

The Tech Founder Fountain of Youth

It has been debated numerous times, do young, tech entrepreneurs have a better chance of being successful?  Are the companies they start or the technologies they develop only successful with a young founder?  Walter Frick of the Harvard Business Review compiled some interesting data from various sources.  He concluded that Tech Founder Fountain of YouthkidCEO_1