Harriett Flowers
Member Advisor

Harriett is a Member Advisor of Polus Capital.

Harriett Flowers is currently an Investor, Mentor, and Board Member for companies in the Healthcare and Technology sectors.  She founded a Software-as-a-Service Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions company (IMaCS, later Accuro) in the 1990s, at a time when a Cloud figure in a diagram meant “we can’t explain how it gets from here to there.”  As an entrepreneur she shepherded IMaCS from inception, angel investment, platform company for Welsh Carson, and finally a merger with MedAssets.

Originally a software developer by trade, Harriett’s entrepreneurial work on technology systems has been responsible for over $1 billion in revenue.  Her companies continue to contribute significant revenue for Computer Associates, MedAssets, Accuro, and others.

In her investing activities, Harriett brings hard-earned operations experience to the evaluation and execution of business opportunities.  Since 2008 as principal of Enumerist, LLC, Harriett has focused on investing, and through the consulting company she co-founded - BaylonST - she helps technology companies find and stay on the shortest route to revenue.

Harriett serves on the Boards of Directors for Transplant Connect, an organ procurement administration SaaS, Health Resource Group, a revenue cycle services company, and for the Russell Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to helping young people develop into strong, successful adults. She is also a strategic advisor for Revelation MD, a technology-enabled Physician-led Network, and for VestaCare, a Physician connectivity platform.

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