Why Polus Exists
Private company financing needs to evolve

Companies like yours deserve capital.

Why are no desirable options available?


The world of private company financing has evolved into a barbell market where only startups and big companies have plentiful institutional options appropriate to them.  If you are one of the 236,000 companies in the $5M-$15M revenue range, those options are not catered to you.

We have been entrepreneurs and operators ourselves with personal experience before, during, and after that stage of growth.

We understand that capital options at that size can seem like one-sided deals with unfair trade-offs.

These trade-offs exist because of how the financial services market is structured – not because VCs or PEs are greedy or because debt firms or banks are shortsighted.  The incentive structure of the private company investment market creates an uneven distribution of institutional capital sources.

Polus exists to cater to the unique financing needs of companies in the $5M-$15M revenue range.  We do this because we love the company dynamics of this stage and believe this segment deserves fair capital.  

If you feel like reading a detailed example of the challenges associated with equity investment, click here.

Change is good.

Our experience and successes have allowed us to develop Entrepreneur-friendly Capital.  Our intent is to offer a compelling alternative for growth company financing.

Our philosophy is to create value by helping entrepreneurs grow their revenue while allowing them to retain the equity value that they create by doing so.  Unlike equity investors, we do not need you to sell your business or agree to seemingly unfair valuation or terms for us to make our return.  Unlike debt investors, we evaluate your business like equity owners, because we need you to grow and succeed, not just pay off a note for as long as possible.

Our goal is for Polus’ arrangement with the entrepreneur to be a win-win that the entrepreneur feels is a clearly better alternative than the equity or debt options available to them. Interested? Find out if we’re a fit.

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