Not Equity. Not Debt. Not a Pain.

Polus provides what venture capital, private equity, private debt, and commercial banks cannot

You have worked day and night for years to get your company to stability and profitability.  You deserve capital, but no one is offering anything you are willing to take.  Polus can provide the capital that fits your needs.

No Wrestling Over Valuation

Equity financing comes at a price.  You are finally at that point where opportunity and preparation intersect, and you are frustrated that your equity alternatives do not reflect that value. Entrepreneur-friendly Capital provides the cash you need to convert on the opportunity, without giving up the value that you will create when you succeed.

No Personal Guarantees or Covenants

You have given a lot of your life to your business.  You have real customers, growing revenue, and you are profitable.  You should be able to get financing without personal guarantees, but commercial banks are not built to do that for companies at your stage.  Entrepreneur-friendly Capital does not have bank covenants, private debt covenants, or personal guarantees.  

You + Polus. Is there a fit?

Complete our Fit Analysis form and see if Entrepreneur-friendly Capital is right for you.

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